Tacoma Prop. 2

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Since 1973, the City of Tacoma has had a 10-year consecutive term limit for the Tacoma City Council.

Prop. 2, on the 2015 ballot, will be the fourth time voters are being asked to do away with that 10-year term limit.

Just last year, 61% of the voters rejected Charter Amendment 8, which sought to extend term limits.

  • Term Limits eleciton results 2014ballot-title-COT-Prop2-change-govtAbove is the Ballot Title with numerous subjects as listed below:
  • Change form of government to Strong Mayor
  • Add a Chief Administrative Officer
  • Reduce the Council to seven members
  • Eliminates our 10-year consecutive term limits in place since 1973
  • Provides for Council Removal of the Mayor
  • Removes the Mandatory Citizen Charter Review
  • Removes Reference to Planning Commission and Library
  • Removes the right of Tacomans to file an Initiative or Referendum

A voter would have to agree or disagree with all the separate issues above to vote yes or no on Prop 2. This not possible, especially when the voter gets to the last issue removing the rights of citizens to file an initiative or referendum.

Vote No on Prop. 2 – save term limits and keep our I&R rights