Pierce County Referendum 2015-1

pierce-County-referendum-1-ballot-titleVisit Jerry Gibb’s web site

Below see Pierce County early returns clipped from the Pierce County Auditor’s web site, thank you Auditor Anderson for another well run election day. With just 15% of the vote in, sponsor Jerry Gibbs, must be thrilled with this first look at how the voters feel about the expensive building Pierce County wants to build.


Follow the money is always important in any campaign. Here is a look at the top five contributors as disclosed in Public Disclosure Commission documents. Below is the latest PDC report filed by the committee.  This is a classic grassroots campaign with many donors and reports show is a fiscally responsible campaign.

Top Five Contributors:

$25,000 Karen and Jon Monson, Retired, Gig Harbor

$7,500 615 S 9th St, Lakewood, WA

$5,000 TMTP! LLC, Portland, OR

$2,500 Douglas Kotrba, Tacoma, WA

$2,500 Quad Associates, Lakewood, WA



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