2015 State Issues for Tacoma Voters

2015-Washington-State-Ballot-issuesPublic Disclosure Reports show Paul Allen is the top contributor for I-1401 about animal trafficking with $2,058,570.75 the latest reports show.

Public Disclosure Reports show Clyde Holland is the top contributor for this latest Eyman 2/3’s initiative.

The PDC reports that not a single dime was donated by Tim Eyman to his latest campaign I-1366.

Tim Eyman has been sued and will be in King County Superior Court next Friday, August 14.

Andrew Villeneuve provided the  court filing for those of you who enjoy reading court documents. The basic argument is the Washington State Constitution does not allow for citizens to amend the constitution, some states do, but that requires a higher percentage of signatures, which I-1366. To read more from Andrew, visit no1366.org.


What are advisory votes? Those are a result of a previous Eyman issue which have annually cluttered up the ballot because they have zero impact. Leave those blank, it is a waste of time for voters.